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President Dr. Natanael Valenzuela

Dr. Natanael Valenzuela, born in the Dominican Republic, stands as an emblematic figure in the panorama of evangelism and Christian leadership. His impressive career, marked by a family heritage deeply rooted in pastoral ministry, has been instrumental in the formation and expansion of more than 20 faith communities globally, including his crucial role as Bishop of the Renacer Christian Community. .

Dr. Natanael Valenzuela is a prominent figure in the world of family, education and evangelism, recognized for his deep dedication and contribution in these fields.

Trained at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in the USA, Dr. Valenzuela specialized in School Administration and Supervision, with a doctoral thesis focused on the integration of the family in school processes. His education is expanded with a Master's Degree in English Teaching from the College of New Rochelle, a Master's Degree in Market Management from UCSD, a Doctorate in Ministries from The Christian University, and a Bachelor's Degree in Languages from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, complemented by with a certificate in Pedagogy.

In his professional career, Dr. Valenzuela has worked as a teacher, writer and evangelist, standing out as General Director of the Department of Missions and Evangelism at the Gospel Tabernacle. As an international speaker on education, he has carried his message to various countries, including Costa Rica, Venezuela, the Cayman Islands, Israel, Jamaica, Colombia and the Dominican Republic. Furthermore, he has managed to bring the gospel and the redemptive message to more than 100 countries through media such as television, radio, internet, crusades, conferences and classes at universities.

As an author, Dr. Valenzuela has written, edited, compiled or co-written more than 100 books, reflecting his focus on strategies for personal improvement and spiritual growth, families, ministries, leadership, missions, evangelism and business. He has been a radio producer since 1987 and has created over 100 videos on family, education, marriage relationships and ministry.

Dr. Valenzuela is also the founder of more than 10 organizations that support people in areas such as online universities, coaching, consulting, publishing and family counseling. Projects such as,,,,,,, and are examples of his commitment to personal and family development.

Furthermore, his participation in programs for CNN en Español and other local and international media underlines his ability as a communicator on issues of family and spiritual relevance.

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