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Invitation to the Master's Degree in Management of Non-Profit Organizations with a Christian Approach

With great esteem and recognition for your work and leadership in the Christian community, I write to you in my capacity as President of the Inter-American Theological University. My name is Dr. Natanael Valenzuela, and it is my honor to present to you an educational opportunity that I consider crucial for the advancement and strengthening of our Christian missions: our Master's Degree in Management of Nonprofit Organizations with a Christian Focus.

This master's degree is specifically designed for leaders committed to spreading the Christian message, who seek to expand their reach and impact on society. It is a known fact that many Christian leaders face the challenge of accessing and managing funds for their organizations, a challenge that this master's degree aims to address and overcome.

The program provides vital knowledge in areas such as resource management, Christian ethics in management, servant leadership, and effective communication strategies. These skills are indispensable to expanding the effectiveness and reach of your ministry in these challenging times.

You choose the graduation area


Have passed primary studies.

master's degree

Approved degree.


Our programs are varied and you will get the best education available.


If you have an approved Master's Degree or Specialty or Postdoctorate, you already have an accepted Doctorate.

The requirements for submitting work differ according to the Diploma chosen.

Furthermore, this master's degree is not only an investment in your personal development, but also that of your team and community. I encourage you to consider participating alongside members of your team, so that this learning experience not only enriches your leadership, but also strengthens and transforms your community through collective impact.

We realize that time and financial resource limitations may be a concern. However, we have designed this program to be accessible and flexible, adapting to the needs of committed leaders like you, who must balance their ministry responsibilities with their academic development.

I extend this warm invitation to join a movement of visionary Christian leaders dedicated to creating meaningful and lasting change in their communities and beyond. For more information or to discuss how this program may suit your needs, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward with great anticipation to the opportunity to collaborate with you and witness the fruit that this collective effort will bring to the growth of the Kingdom of God.

In Christ,

Dr. Natanael Valenzuela

President Inter-American Theological University


The master's degree in Management of Nonprofit Organizations with a Christian Approach is a unique and valuable opportunity for those interested in deepening their understanding and skills in managing organizations with a Christian mission. Here are some key motivations to be interested in this program.

1. Comprehensive Leadership Development

The program offers comprehensive training in servant and ethical leadership, essential to guide organizations with Christian principles in today's world. Students will learn to lead with humility and service, following the model of Jesus.

2. Social and Spiritual Impact

This program is ideal for those looking to make a significant difference in their communities. Through case studies and hands-on projects, students will learn how Christian organizations have positively influenced society throughout history and how they can continue to do so.

3. Practical Skills in Management and Finance

The master's degree provides practical skills in human resource management, finance and project development. Students will gain essential knowledge in fundraising, stewardship, and financial management, all crucial to the sustainability of any organization.

4. Effective Communication and Marketing

The program offers comprehensive training in servant and ethical leadership, essential to guide organizations with Christian principles in today's world. Students will learn to lead with humility and service, following the model of Jesus.

5. Focus on Services and Programs

Students will learn to design and manage programs and services that reflect Christian values and address the needs of their community, combining faith with effective social action.

6. Preparation for Research and Public Policies

For those interested in influencing public policy and Christian advocacy, this program offers a solid foundation in research and policy development from a Christian perspective.

7. Network of Professionals and Support Community

By studying this master's degree, students will join a network of Christian professionals and leaders, providing them with valuable contacts, support and opportunities for collaboration.

8. Real World Application

Through theses and capstone projects, students will have the opportunity to apply what they learn in real-world situations, allowing them to make tangible contributions to their organizations and communities.

In summary

This master's degree is an investment in the personal and professional development of a leader, providing the skills, knowledge and networks necessary to broaden and deepen the impact of Christian organizations in modern society.

syllabus or Pensum

1-) Christian Foundations in Non-Profit Organizations

1. Christian Principles and Philanthropy

Exploring philanthropy from a Christian perspective.

2. History and Role of Christian Organizations in Society

Evolution and historical impact.

3. Christian Ethics in Organization Management

Application of Christian ethical principles.

4. Theology and Mission of Christian Organizations

Theological foundations and organizational mission.

2-) Leadership and Management

1. Servant Leadership

Leadership principles based on service.

2. Human Resources Management

Personnel management practices aligned with Christian values.

3. Volunteer Development and Management

Promotion of voluntary participation.

4. Decision Making and Christian Ethics

Christian approach to problem solving and decisions.

3-) Finance and Resource Development with a Christian Approach

1. Christian Principles in Financial Management

Financial ethics based on Christian values.

2. Fundraising and Stewardship

Financing strategies aligned with Christian principles.

3. Grant Management for Christian Projects

Obtaining and managing funds for projects.

4. Social Entrepreneurship and Christianity

Integration of the Christian mission into social business models.

4-) Communication and Marketing in the Christian Context

1. Marketing and Evangelization

Marketing strategies in the context of the Christian mission.

2. Strategic Communication for Christian Organizations

Techniques and effective means of communication.

3. Management of Religious and Community Events

Organization of events with Christian meaning.

4. Digital Media in Christian Organizations

Use of digital technologies to spread the Christian message.

5-) Services and Programs

1. Program Design with a Christian Approach

Creation of programs that reflect Christian values.

2. Project Management

Tools and techniques for effective management.

3. Ecclesiastical and Community Collaborations

Strengthening alliances with churches and communities.

4. Community Development from a Christian Perspective

Approaches to faith-based development.

6-) Research and Public Policies in the Christian Environment

1. Research and Methods

Research methods and approaches in Christian contexts.

2. Public Policy and Christian Advocacy

Influence on public policies from a Christian perspective.

3. Social Innovation and Change from Christianity

Exploration of cases and theories of social innovation.

4. Sustainability and Ethics in Social Action

Integration of sustainability and social responsibility with Christian ethics.

Rules of participation

Course Policies

Viewing Classes

Mandatory to watch live or recorded classes before submitting reports.

Academic Honesty

We use a number of anti-fraud and anti-plagiarism systems, academic integrity is expected.

Inclusive and Diverse Methodologies

Active participation

Comments on videos and responses to colleagues' concerns.

Online Interaction

Collaborative and respectful environment in discussion forums.

Asynchronous Interaction

Participants may take fully synchronous modules and classes and must maintain the same pattern of synchronous participation.

Google Workspace platform

Each student receives an email from the university and all content is placed on an easy-to-engage platform where you interact with facilitators and peers. The classrooms will be enabled according to the Grade due to requirements.


Detailed feedback on tasks and participation. Each participant has a mentor who works on these areas personally.

Duration time

It's up to you!!!

There are a total of 96 Classes. As soon as you submit your assignments and they are graded, you have submitted final work, and you have settled your account. You are discharged from the program


US$ 10,000 dólares o US$1,900.00

Thanks to a sponsor, we are able to offer limited scholarships (300 scholarships) to people who meet the following requirements

Be Christian leaders

Willing to direct or be directing a non-profit entity

Send a scholarship application letter justifying the above points to presidente@utiuniversity.org

These 300 People pay US$1,900.00.

Registration and payment arrangements will be discussed upon acceptance of your scholarship application. The response takes approximately 5 days to arrive.

Each participant must send a payment of USD$100.00 within one week after their scholarship is accepted in order to secure their spot in the program.

Payment methods

We accept Zelle, Cashapp, Checks, Paypal, Western Union, Remitly and Cash. It is important to note that your scholarship only reflects on the university when you make payments. In other words, when you give us a payment of US$100.00 the sponsor covers approximately US$500.00. If you do not pay... The sponsor does not send the sponsorship.


We have a platform where you can pay in full and take advantage of more than 10 forms of credit and pay in up to 36 months.

Form to join the program

Do not wait more. Enroll today and begin your journey toward more effective management and deeper impact in your ministry and community.

DR. Natanael Valenzuela

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